Why Catalonia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?

Catalonia is one of Spain's most popular tourist attractions. It's a location in Spain's north-east that, on the eastern side, confronts the Mediterranean Sea and faces Madrid on the west. There are numerous sights to see and intriguing cities and towns to explore in this area of Spain attracting newcomers and returning visitors alike. Catalonia offers tourists a diverse range of landscapes, art culture, and a magnificent beach line to explore. What’s more, you can now enjoy several destinations like Costa Brava by choosing a Costa Brava apartment for rent (lloguer apartament costa brava).

Here are a few reasons to convince you that Catalonia is the first place you should visit this year:

1. Catalan food: The food in this part of Spain is just amazing. Most of these recipes find their origin in the 18th century among the farmer communities of Catalonia. You will find a lot of varieties of bread among which the tomato rubbed bread is the most famous. Combined with different tasty varieties of soups, traditional wine, and meat you must try their food once.

2. Festivals: It doesn’t matter what part of the year you visit Catalonia, you will always find festival preparation going on here. The famous ones among them are Castell, Sardanas, Haveneres among more which have ancient roots and are an amazing opportunity to mingle with the people there and make new friends.

3. Ancient villages and wine: If you think Barcelona is awesome, you should visit Catalonia’s small fishing villages. In the north and south parts of Barcelona along the coastline of Spain are spread many ancient villages where you will get a chance to dive into ancient art and culture of Spain all along while enjoying great local wine.

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